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Please update the app it does not work with IOS 11.

Update to iso11

Please make an update so it’s compatible with iso11. This app is a lot easier to use than HotSOS mobile

Ahead of the curve.

I figured out how to set it up with help from the hotsos support and it's been great. I get detailed work orders right on my phone even before my radio even gets it.the notification log helps me track just by swiping down on my phone I don't even need to unlock the phone. I keep the notifications on even when I'm home this way I know the kinda issues I'm gonna be dealing with when I walk in to work. Updated:tech please update the app it is no longer supported on iOS 11. Please

Won't even load

Won't even load on my phone. Only a big blank white page. Have tried deleting and restarting. Still no luck. Was hoping to use this for work. Won't be able to do so now. Very disappointing.

Don't waist your time

This app is not loading at all. We removed it and reinstalled it several times.

UI needs polishing.. ok alot!

Ok all in all it works ok.. but as a piece of software that is being used in a few big places.. I cant believe that these 'places' allow it to go on without making updates.. you bump the device with no prompt and it gives you the 'Undo' buttons. Disable undo. If you scroll a little off axis the screen info gets cut off.. this seems to be a pretty amateur app.. if they cant put any polish into an app that they give out to access HotSOS, their premium suite of software.. its time to put it down and call it quits.. Callin you out doods!

Needs update

This software could be great but is just ok... Only requires iOS 3.1 to operate? It's time to embrace new technology options with the advancements in iOS. Hotels need more options and accessibility in a mobile solution.

Best HotSOS device option

By far!!!


it doesn't work. it's about as broken as their enterprise software.

AFOM / HotSOS Administrator

Love the application, it is simple to use and to install for associates within our organization. One thing I would like see is all open work orders for all or specific trade groups. It would be a great feature to have for those involved in operations. It would be easier to follow up for those that do not like to be behind the desk all the time.

Please Add!

The app is great but I would love to see the pmworks / TACT added to the app. This would make communications so much better at my hotel! Thanks


program does not work since it "upgraded" from REX.

Need calls while I'm on the floor

I love This program the only thing that Is missing is entering the calls fro You device it will help a lot, please if there is away to put that feature this program will sell a lot jut a suggestion

Director of Operations

This app requires Mtech to apply templates and subscriptions to the users HotSOS org. If you have any issues please contact Mtech support, rather than leaving a review here.

This is the worst app ever created!!

My company wasted it's money on this technology, and the application is just as bad. It crashes frequently and when it is working, it is slow as a snail. Please ban this from the app store!!

Doesn't work

Doesn't load the information or allow to enter new tickets. What is the purpose ?

Buggy - not ready for use

Very slow and a lot of bugs...Not ready for intended use in mass deployment !

Exceptional & Innovative!

This app frees HotSOS users from their PCs and allows for creating and updating service orders on the go! Hotels and the hospitality industry in general would get a kick from this smart chili pepper :)

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