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Geliştirici: MTech

Sosuite combines MTech’s award winning mobile products REX and H2GO into one elegant solution. Based on the HotSOS (Hotel Service Order Optimization System) platform, Sosuite is the premier application for empowering hotel employees to provide guests the best possible stay from a service and facilities perspective. Through SOSuite, users access multiple functions catered to their role within the hotel operations.

The role based access to H2GO notifies staff of awaiting service orders and allows them to view detailed information and manage pending work better. H2GO also gives the ability to generate service orders and perform guestroom or public space inspections (requires QIC- Quality Inspection Console).

Another added functionality is REX- Room Expeditor, our solution designed for housekeeping guestroom attendants. With REX, a room attendant refers to their wireless device to be instructed on what is the next most important room to clean based on reservation, VIP status, or room type priority points. The room attendant is exposed to real-time guest information that allows for addressing the guest by name and focus on any provided guestroom preferences.

Please contact to inquire more about MTech’s innovative hotel solutions: REX- Room Expeditor, HotSOS- Hotel Service Optimizations System, QIC- Quality Inspection Console, or H2GO.